Travis Heights Art Trail

Christ Lutheran will once again serve as a stop along the Travis Heights Art Trail Saturday and Sunday, November 5 & 6 from 11 am to 5 pm. We will host several non-profit agencies that will display newly created art for sale during the Trail. Our involvement in the Art Trail gives us the chance to be active in our local community. Members of Christ are encouraged to assist with the trail and to participate by stopping at the fellowship hall and by visiting Travis Hts. artists. This year we will host the following non-profits: Marbridge, Art From the Streets, and Austin Adventurers Academy of Lifelong Learning.

Marbridge – a residential community that offers transitional and lifetime care to adults with a wide range of cognitive disabilities and – through compassion and faith – provides them opportunities to learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life.

Art From the Streets – an organization that assists homeless members of the community through artistic endeavors that form a pathway to self-determination by means of the sense of achievement, social connections, and income generated through the pursuit of their art.

Austin Adventurers Academy of Lifelong Learning – helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Austin, Texas area connect with their community, develop greater lifelong independence and achieve their full potential through social, educational, recreational, and vocational experiences.

Please contact Donn Trautner, or Jordan at 512-442-5844 or , for details about the Art Trail.


2022 Travis Heights Art Trail