SoCo Pumpkin Patch at Christ

We partnered with Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers in 2018 to host a pumpkin patch for our community, and to support Water to Thrive and Concordia Education and Welfare Foundation of Thailand.

Pumpkin Patch in Backyard of Christ’s Workshop
212 East Monroe Street, 78704

All church proceeds from the 4th Annual SoCo Pumpkin Patch at Christ in 2018 were split between two wonderful non-profit organizations:

1) Water to Thrive – an organization which builds wells and helps to bring clean water to those living in rural parts of Africa, and

2) CWEFT (Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation of Thailand) – an organization which has been serving the children, women, and families in the Bangna Slum region of Bangkok, Thailand for the past 30 years.

For more info, please contact Jordan at 512-442-5844, or email [email protected].

*Cash or Checks Only