Pastor John’s Sermons: OT Law/Pentateuch

Sermons by Pastor Rev. John C. Stennfeld
Categorized by Books of The Bible


Genesis 2

Debunking the World’s Lies: Lie 11 – The Fatalistic/Deterministic Lie (Text: Genesis 2:14-17, Jonah 5:13-18, Matthew 17:14-21)

What God Has Joined (Text: Genesis 2:18-25, Mark 10:6-9)

Not Good to Be Alone (Text: Genesis 2:18)

Look Better Naked (Text: Genesis 2:25)

Genesis 3

Debunking the World’s Lies: Lie 12 – The Teleological Lie (Text: Genesis 3:1-15, Romans 8:18-28, and John 9:1-11)

Debunking the World’s Lies: Lie 15 – The First Lie (Text: Genesis 3:1-7a, Romans 6:11-14, 23, and Mark 9:42-48)

“Just Say ‘No'” (Text: Genesis 3:1-21)

The Devil Made Me Do It (Text: Genesis 3:8-15)

Confession is Good for the Soul (Text: Genesis 3:8-15)

Out with the Old, and In with the New From Cursed to Blessed (Text: Genesis 3:16-22 and John 16:32-33)

The Customs and Symbols of Lent – Sermon I: Ashes (Text: Genesis 3:19, Jonah 3:1-6)

Lenten Midweek Sermon Series – “Worldly Lies that Sabotage Repentance” – Lie 1 – “You Are Special” (Text: Genesis 3:19)

Genesis 4-15

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? (Text: Genesis 4:1-15)

“Mastering Sin” (Text: Genesis 4:1-7)

A New Reformation – Sermon I: Sin – It’s My Nature (Text: Genesis 6:5)

Re-Claiming the Rainbow (Text: Genesis 9:8-17)

Finding One’s Value (Text: Genesis 11:1-9)

“My Hiding Place” (Text: Psalm 32:1-7)

Believing God (Text: Genesis 15:1-6)

Genesis 17

It’s All Grace (Text: Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16)

From Hero to Goat (Text: Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; Romans 5:1-11; Mark 8:27-38)

Genesis 22

Sacrificial Discipleship (Text: Genesis 22:1-18)

The Greatest Love of All (Text: Genesis 22:1-18)

The Lord Will Provide (Text: Genesis 22:1-18 and Matthew 10:34-39)

Genesis 32

Putting God in an Armbar (Text: Genesis 32:22-30)

Don’t Let Go (Text: Genesis 32:22-30)

Genesis 50

But God Intended it for Good (Text: Genesis 50:15-21)

For Good (Text: Genesis 50:15-21)


If Your ‘I’ Causes You to Sin (Text: Exodus 3:1-15)

“Who Am I?” (Text: Exodus 3:1-15)

Contemporary Christian Music Sermon 3 – “Who Am I” (Text: Exodus 3:1-14)

Covered by Blood (Text: Exodus 12:13)

Contemporary Christian Music – Sermon 11 – “Egypt” (Text: Exodus 14:14)

Stop Your Grumbling (Text: Exodus 16:2-15)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Text: Exodus 16:2-15; Psalm 145:13-20)

Herding Cats (Text: Exodus 17:1-7)

“Distrusting God” (Text: Exodus 17:1-7)

A New Reformation Sermon II: In God We Trust? (Text: Exodus 20:1-6)

Ten Simple Words (Text: Exodus 20:1-17)


I Am the Lord (Text: Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18)

Be Holy (Text: Leviticus 19:1-2)

Debunking the World’s Lies: Lie 7 – The Utilitarian Lie (Text: Leviticus 20:22-26)


Speaking for God (Text: Numbers 11:24-30)

The Road to Redemption (Text: Numbers 21:4-9)

Thanks in the Midst of Want (Text: Numbers 21:4-9)

“The” Star of Bethlehem (Text: Numbers 24:17)


Debunking the World’s Lies: Lie 14 – The Narcissistic Lie (Text: Deuteronomy 6:10-18, Romans 12:9-21, Matthew 5:38-48)

Out with the Old, and In with the New: From Worthless to Treasured (Text: Dt. 7:6-9)

Grateful Giving (Text: Deuteronomy 26:1-11)

“Choose Life” (Text: Deuteronomy 30:15-20)

“The Choice” (Text: Deuteronomy 30:15-20)

Security in an Unsecure World (Text: Deuteronomy 31:6)

Face to Face (Text: Deuteronomy 34:1-12)

Jesus… Always Jesus (Text: Deuteronomy 34:1-12)