Drum Set

H.I.S. Band

The H.I.S. (Hearts in Spirit) Band is the centerpiece of our music in the 10:45 am worship service. Led by Texas Swing Hall of Fame Inductee Fred Frieling (stage name = Jess DeMaine), the band plays a variety of traditional, folk, and contemporary pieces, all with a Country/Western twist. The band consists of Fred on piano and vocals, Tommy Nanyes on strings (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Phil Etter on vocals, Gary Lippe on accordion, and Bill Martin on bass guitar.

When does the band play?

The band is the musical lead in the 10:45 am worship service each Sunday.

What is the band’s style?

The band can best be described as a country western, or country/Gospel band. Through they play a variety of types of music, everything is played with a bit of a country feel.