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December 2020

God Calls A Nation (Enduring Faith Unit 4 Coloring Pages)

Handmade – Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26-2:25)

A Sign and a Promise – God’s Covenant with Abram (Genesis 15:1-6; 17:1-21)

A Laughable Promise – Isaac Is Born (Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7)

A Merciful Substitute – Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22:1-9)

A Servant’s Mission – Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24:1-4, 10-28, 50-67)

Twin Troubles – Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25:19-34; 27:1-45)

A Family Grows – Jacob’s Family (Genesis 29:1-30)

A Dreamer Rises -God Works Good for Joseph (Genesis 39:20-23; 41:9-49)

A Family Reunites – God Helps Joseph Forgive (Genesis 42:1-28; 43:11-30; 45:1-15)

A Basket of Hope – Moses is Born (Exodus 1:1-2:10)

Signs of the True God – Moses and The Plagues (Exodus 7)

The Passover Promise – The Passover (Exodus 12:1-32)

Food from Heaven: God Cares for His People (Exodus 16)

Waterworks: Water From the Rock (Exodus 17:1-7)

God Leads His Nation (Enduring Faith Unit 5 Coloring Pages)

The Idle Idol – The Golden Calf (Exodus 31:18-32:35)

A Tent for God – God with His People (Exodus 25:1-9; 40:1-8, 34-38)

The Fall-Short Report – The Twelve Spies (Numbers 13:1-2, 25- 14:24)

The Unlikely Ally – Rahab Believes (Joshua 2)

The Downfall Wall – The Fall of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-6:27)

The Palm-Tree Judge – Deborah (Judges 4)


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