Who is Gordy?

Gordy is the lead puppet in our Sunday morning children’s education hour.

When does Gordy perform?

(Prior to COVID-19) From September to May, Gordy is featured some Sundays during the Sunday morning education hour (9:30-10:30 a.m.) During the summer months Gordy takes a break, and the theme of the education hour becomes Vacation Bible School.

Does Gordy have friends?

Yes, Gordy is sometimes joined by his sister, Gerdy, and by Albie the bird.

He is led on his path of discovery by his human friend, Jordan, who also serves as the leader for the children’s group time together.

Can I see Gordy apart from Sunday mornings?

Yes. Gordy and some of his lessons are featured on YouTube and can be linked to from this site. Just click on the attached link to watch the adventures of Gordy.