Worship With Us on Sunday, April 11 at 9:30 am & Then Study God’s Word With Us During Adult Discipleship Class at 10:45 am

Vision Statement
The vision of Christ Lutheran Church is to be the people of Christ sharing the love of Christ.

Mission Statement
The mission of Christ Lutheran Church is to connect people to Jesus through:
Inspirational Worship
Loving Service
Caring Fellowship
Relevant Education
so that they might know, and grow in, His love.

Sunday, April 11

Worship at 9:30 am 

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(For in-person attendance & streamed via Facebook Live)

4-11-2021 Bulletin

4-11-2021 Announcements

4-11-2021 Reading

Adult Discipleship Class at 10:45 am

(For in-person attendance & streamed via Facebook Live)

Facebook Live Streaming

Tune into our Worship – 9:30 am,
and/or our Adult Discipleship Class – 10:45 am
at Christ Austin 78704

Live Streaming Worship

Maundy Thursday

12 noon

7 pm

Maundy Thursday Bulletin

Maundy Thursday Reading

Good Friday

12 noon

7 pm

Good Friday Bulletin

Good Friday Readings

Easter Sunday

9:30 am

4-4-2021 Bulletin

4-4-2021 Announcements

4-4-2021 Reading

Pastor John’s Sermon (April 4)

One Little Word! (Text: Mark 16:6)

Rev. John C. Stennfeld

Pastor – Christ Lutheran Church

Pastor’s Discipleship Class (Archives)

Christ Lutheran Church is located at

300 East Monroe St., Austin, TX 78704

Weekly Announcements

3-28-2021 Announcements

Paul’s Missionary Journeys – Men’s Study Group

Tuesday, April 6 at 7:30 pm (Via Zoom)

Christ’s Workshop Community Groups

(Suspended until further notice)

April 2021 Newsletter


TX District, LCMS Videos: Ministering Amid COVID-19

“Jesus is Greater”

“Wait on the Lord”

Click on above albums for more encouraging videos like…

“Where Would I Be Without You Here”

(The Anniversary Song)

Lyrics – John C. Stennfeld

Music, vocals, and instruments –
Fred Frieling (AKA – Jess DeMaine)

Track #4 from “Jesus is Greater” Album